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Developer: Exact Magic Software, LLC

Released: 09.16.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: $2.99

Download: iTunes

Weather Radar - Exact Magic Software, LLC



Developer's Description

Weather Radar - Exact Magic Software, LLC
Best selling weather radar app! Simple, fast, easy to use, gorgeous animated graphics. Includes full animated coverage of the entire U.S., as well as the latest radar imagery across the globe overlaid on three styles of scrollable, zoomable maps.

** iPad Users: Download "Weather Radar HD"!

The fastest, easiest way to view local weather radar on your iPhone. A single click and the Weather Radar automatically determines your location and finds the closest doppler weather radar. Animated, rich graphics show you the direction and progress of nearby storms and clouds.


* full, animated radar from the NWS for the entire U.S.
* the latest world wide radar imagery
* satellite cloud cover mode
* play, pause animations at any zoom level
* zoom in and out, drag and scroll
* filtered and unfiltered radar data
* finds your current location, or specify your own
* option to show current position on the map
* multiple map styles - street, satellite, a combination
* supports landscape mode
* saves and restores your last position
* optional intensity legend
* adjustable radar image transparency
* 3GS optimizations
* option to follow your current location
* option to disable screen locking
* manual and automatic refresh options

If you hit the "current location" button, the map follows your current location (until you touch the map or toggle it off).

You can pan with your finger, zoom in and out by pinching. Double tap with one finger to zoom in, single tap with two fingers zooms out.

You can select from street map or satellite style displays, and can turn the legend and cloud layer off via the settings screen.

You can choose the type of radar you want to see from the radar overlay menu:

* Standard Weather Radar - filtered for fog and haze
* Base Reflectivity - unfiltered, full strength
* World Radar - for coverage across the globe
* Cloud Cover -satellite cloud coverage

If you want to view weather radar for another area, simply click the globe button and specify a zip code or city to bypass automatic location via GPS.

Please note: This application requires a network connection, and animation is not currently support for World Radar or Cloud Cover.

More information about weather radar and weather forecasting.

The radar used by the National Weather Service is called the WSR-88D, which stands for Weather Surveillance Radar - 1988 Doppler (the prototype radar was built in 1988). As its name suggests, the WSR-88D is a Doppler radar, meaning it can detect motions toward or away from the radar as well as the location of precipitation areas.

This ability to detect motion has greatly improved the meteorologist's ability to peer inside thunderstorms and determine if there is rotation in the cloud, often a precursor to the development of tornadoes.

There are 155 WSR-88D Doppler radar in the nation, including the U.S. Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, operated by the National Weather Service and the Department of Defense.

© 2008, Exact Magic Software, LLC

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