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Developer: Molinker Inc.

Released: 10.30.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: $0.99

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Travel Kit - Molinker Inc.



Developer's Description

Travel Kit - Molinker Inc.
Integrate tools you must have in traveling in one kit! Everything here is designed specially for traveling!
⊕Flight Status⊕
From FlightStates™ directly, real-time flight status around the world!

⊕Currency Converter⊕
Providing up-to-date exchange rates information on 193 countries

⊕Unite Converter⊕
Conversion of length, mass, temperature, velocity, power, volume, square measure and cubic measure

Create pro virtual postcards from photo-taken, apply our gorgeous theme to spiff up your postcard.

⊕Language Translator⊕
You’ll never need a translation book for your travel. It translate between the world’s major 43 languages

⊕Tip Calculator⊕
Select a percentage, then calculate tip before/after tax, split the check among friends.

⊕World Clock⊕
2 independent clocks showing different selectable time zones with date and week display.

⊕Torch and Emergency Light⊕
Select a mode (Flash light, SOS light, TAXI light) and select any color for it

⊕World Fact Book⊕
Provides information on the history, population, government, economy, geography, communication, transportation, military and transnational issues over 250 countries in the world, you won’t get bored while you traveling.

☆Useful and Helpful☆
Travel kit can be regarded as a first aid box for your trip. Having a first aid box is not because you want to get hurt, but to deal with something urgent that would happen.

☆Super value☆
includes the most frequent downloads in Travel category;
cost effective compare to paying for individual tools.

☆Easy to manage☆
everything in one icon, then each single tool will "disappear " from your home screen;
easy to use in travel-situation, such as moving in a rush or one hand available when carrying luggage.

☆Get it as a first aid kit☆
- Difficult to communicate with locals for restaurant ordering, or asking for the way? We support world’s major languages;

- Feel bored on the train? The Fact Book can be a good companion;

- To be prepared before you go to the currency exchange desk. use the "currency" function and get the converted results right away;

- Search or track flight info, tap "Flight" and get the real time info on your palm;

- Read your map in the dark, turn on the torch to get light;

- Want to share your photo instantly? Send it by the "Postcard" to surprise your contacts;

- In case of doing a unit exchange calculation, use "unit-converter", it supports length, mass, volume, area, pressure, temperature, speed, and energy;

- Always think "what my baby is doing right now?" when travel outside. use the "world clock" to synchronize the time with people at home all the time;

- divide tip fees among people with you during the travel, get the result quick and cool

© Molinker Inc.

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ODonovanMurphy Apple iPod USB Travel Kit with Car Charger/ Travel Adapter/ Cable – White

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mrjohndcarter @KristyArnett Not at all! After I bought the Apple universal travel kit they took on some passport-stamp-like role for me.

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cheapbuilder Apple iPod USB Travel Kit with Car Charger/ Travel Adapter/ Cable – White

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