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Developer: MotionX™

Released: 09.25.2009

Version: 1.02

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MotionX GPS Drive - MotionX™



Developer's Description

MotionX GPS Drive - MotionX™
Limited Time Offer!

★★★★★ "hands-down my favorite navigator for the iPhone" -Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times
★★★★★ "packed with features..." -Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
★★★★★ "MotionX-GPS Drive: Hands-Down the Best Value in GPS Apps"

Always Live, Always Up-to-Date, a Fraction of the Cost.

MotionX: Next-Generation Driving and Pedestrian Navigation.

Fast easy download from your iPhone!
MotionX-GPS Drive turns your iPhone into the next-generation car and pedestrian navigation solution with new features not yet seen on mobile devices, including “door-to-door” personal navigation tools, user interface innovations to simplify the navigation experience, and integration of live search. With the advanced MotionX Find-N-Go™ technology, you can find anything, anywhere and then just follow the directions. Driving or Walking. It's that simple.

Covers the U.S. and Canada. Exclusively for the iPhone.
MotionX: Includes 30 Days of Real-time Navigation with Live Voice Guidance

✔ The purchase of MotionX-GPS Drive includes 30 days of live turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance.
✔ At the end of the 30 day period, continue using real-time navigation any time by making an in-app purchase. Choose either the 30-day or 1-year Live Voice Guidance package.
✔ Access your purchases on multiple iPhones or iPads for households with multiple users!
✔ In-app purchases are non-recurring with no automatic charges.

Live Voice Guidance gives you:
✔ Real-time turn-by-turn voice guidance, fully integrated with the iPod.
✔ Live over-the-air maps and real-time navigation.
✔ Cached routes and maps for optimal performance.
✔ Predictive live traffic data for optimal routing.

Please note the core application provides a great driving experience without any further purchases. With full access to search, routing, 3D maps, and pedestrian navigation tools all part of the core solution, find your destination and get there quickly with MotionX.
MotionX: Live and Dynamic

Everything about MotionX-GPS Drive is dynamic. Search, maps, routing, POIs, and destination information, such as phone numbers and addresses, are all up-to-date. This is a significant advantage over on-board solutions which are huge downloads (over a Gigabyte) and have static data which is outdated the moment it is loaded.

This fully-live, always up-to-date, connected experience leverages the full power of the iPhone. MotionX uses the latest NAVTEQ maps, Bing search, and live predictive traffic data from TrafficCast to deliver the most complete navigation solution designed exclusively for the iPhone.
MotionX: Designed and Optimized for the iPhone

✔ Full support for landscape mode.
✔ iPod integration: Listen to music, audiobooks, & podcasts.
✔ Magnetic compass.
✔ Address book contacts integration.
✔ Place a phone call directly from search results.
Drawing upon feedback from over 4 million iPhone GPS users, MotionX has built a complete navigation solution specifically for the iPhone. MotionX-GPS Drive is state-of-the-art with a state-of-the-art business model. This means a better solution at a fraction of the cost.

MotionX is committed to passing on to our customers the best possible pricing for guidance services and turn-by-turn routing. We ourselves must pay the data suppliers and therefore must charge a minimum fee for this service. We focus on providing the best value for quality information.

MotionX is committed to constant improvement. We listen to our users and continuously add the most requested features. Of course all of our updates are free!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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