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Developer: No Thirst Software LLC

Released: 08.05.2010

Version: 1.02

Price: $4.99

Download: iTunes

MoneyWell - No Thirst Software LLC



Developer's Description

MoneyWell - No Thirst Software LLC
The first step in taking control of your finances is knowing where every dollar is spent. The next step is proactive budgeting so you don’t regret your choices later. MoneyWell is the modern personal finance application based on the time-tested envelope budgeting system. Instead of carrying around wads of cash divided into various expense envelopes, MoneyWell’s fresh twist takes advantage of the convenience of ATMs and debit card purchases and gives fingertip access to virtual envelopes (buckets) so users can make decisions based on their budget, not cash in bank. MoneyWell was designed for fast data entry so users can capture purchases quickly and easily at the point of sale. After all, what good is a mobile finance app if you don’t want to use it?

MoneyWell on the iPhone works as a standalone application, but it’s even more powerful when used in conjunction with MoneyWell for Mac. Users can synchronize their MoneyWell document between multiple iOS devices and their desktop using their local WiFi network.

Like the desktop version, MoneyWell for iPhone gives you a bucket list that shows you your available spending money at a glance, so you can make wise spending decisions on the fly.

iPhone 4 and iOS 4 ready:
• High-resolution graphics take advantage of the Retina display
• Quick-switch multi-tasking aware
• Remembers where you were so you never lose your place

Quickly add new transactions:
• New Transaction button available on every list view
• Large easy to read amount and numeric entry keypad
• Quick search favorites list for autofill of payee, bucket, amount, etc.
• Large calendar view for visual date selection

Review spending history:
• Scrollable detail view allows flicking through transactions
• View by bucket, account or recent transactions
• Filter by type or partial name match
• See account or bucket balances instantly

Sync with MoneyWell for Mac:
• Grab all your accounts, buckets, transactions and favorites
• See your bucket balances while you’re out shopping
• Enter your transactions at the point of sale
• Sync when you get home to keep your desktop up to date
• Allows for multiple iOS devices so you and your spouse can stay in sync

Control your cash flow:
• Set spending plan amounts for buckets
• Flow money between buckets if you need money for a dinner out
• Use your income to fill your expense buckets in a couple of taps
• Check your available money in a category before you spend it

© 2010 No Thirst Software LLC

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nothirst RT @mohdabdurraafay: @kevinhoctor thanks for such a simple & uber cool app. Yep! I'm talking about MoneyWell. :D I'M LIKING IT.

less than 9 years ago from Twitter for iPhone

kevinhoctor RT @nothirst: MoneyWell for iPhone v 1.1 is in the App Store now with support for transfers and split transactions!

less than 9 years ago from kiwi

MrRooni Well now, there's a new version of MoneyWell in the App Store, and here I am with a bunch of promo codes set to expire in 5 days...

less than 9 years ago from kiwi

MrRooni RT @nothirst: MoneyWell for iPhone v 1.1 is in the App Store now with support for transfers and split transactions!

less than 9 years ago from kiwi

David_w_J RT @nothirst: MoneyWell for iPhone v 1.1 is in the App Store now with support for transfers and split transactions!

less than 9 years ago from kiwi

MrRooni Really quite pleased with this new version of MoneyWell for iPhone, lots of great stuff in there

less than 9 years ago from kiwi

taddgiles Any recommendations for Mac-based personal finance software? Want always-up-to-date iPhone support. Been looking at iBank and MoneyWell.

less than 9 years ago from web

philletourneau Got my father in law all setup with MoneyWell for Mac and iPhone. Let's see if his buckets runneth over #moneywell

less than 9 years ago from Echofon

0xced @kevinhoctor "MoneyWell for iPhone 1.0 doesn't support […] transfer transactions." My vote goes for adding transfer transactions in 1.0.3.

less than 9 years ago from Tweetie for Mac

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