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Developer: Layar B.V.

Released: 10.14.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: Free

Download: iTunes

Layar Reality Browser - Augmented Reality software - Layar B.V.



Developer's Description

Layar Reality Browser - Augmented Reality software - Layar B.V.
Important notes:
This app does NOT run on iPhone 3G or iPod Touch.

Layar Reality Browser uses a mobile Internet connection, camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer to function properly. An iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 will give the best experience.

We recommend a flat-fee data subscription.

What is Layar?
The Layar Reality Browser is a beautiful, fun augmented reality app that shows you what is around you by displaying real time digital information (layers) on top of reality. This digital information is called a ‘layer’.

There are many layers to choose from, for example Architecture 3D, Foursquare, Google local search, Third Echelon, Trulia, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Yellowpages.

There are hundreds of layers; both international and local. Have a go and experience it yourself.

How does Layar’s Augmented Reality work?
The idea is simple: Layar works by using a combination of the mobile phone’s camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and a mobile Internet connection. The camera captures the world as seen through its lens and shows it on the screen. The GPS determines the exact location and the compass and accelerometer the field of view. Based on these sensors and the selected layer, digital information is retrieved over a mobile Internet connection and augmented on top of the camera view.

Layar provides services and experiences
Layers can provide services, such as finding ATMs, houses for sale and restaurants including reviews. Layers can also provide an experience with interactivity, 3D objects and sounds for games and engaging guided tours. Many layers provide both.

How do you use Layar?
Select a layer from the local, featured or popular tab. Or search the Layar catalog using any keyword to quickly find what you’re looking for. Hold the phone in front of you. See information being displayed on top of the camera display view. By turning around, you can point your phone toward the various Points of Interest. Adjust settings (filters) by clicking the wheel button in the bottom left corner. For all Points of Interest which are displayed on the screen, information is shown at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the arrow you will see how you can interact with that specific Point of Interest. Use the map and list views to see all points in one screen.

© 2010 Layar B.V.

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