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Developer: Paul Avery

Released: 08.03.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: Free

Download: iTunes

Holy Bible - Paul Avery



Developer's Description

Holy Bible - Paul Avery
Holy Bible is an easy to use Bible app with many translations. Each translation resides on the iPhone/iPod touch. The only time you ever need an internet connection is to download new Bibles.

Navigation couldn't be simpler. Just tap the top left icon to open the passage selector. From within the passage selector, you can manage versions and even enable split version view. Highlighting is as easy as it gets...just tap the verse number! Need to get to verse quick? No problem. Just slide your finger along the right side of the screen. This implements the verse jump slider.

Note: I will not be adding any copyrighted texts such as the NIV, NASB, NKJV, ESV, etc. because I cannot afford to pay the royalty fees. In order to obtain permission, it costs multiple thousands of dollars up front.

Keeping such a great app free and paying for bandwidth for downloadable translations is quite expensive. If you appreciate the Holy Bible iPhone app, please consider donating through PayPal!

© 2009 Paul Avery

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kingcoates Not even the "Holy bible" app on the phone!?!RT @ShaylaTBC @KingCoates i dont have my bible with me....hmmm.... *recites The Lord's prayer*

less than 9 years ago from TwitBird

droidmilltop #Mobile #Bible : Mobile Holy Bible for Android http://goo.gl/fb/Def8a #android,#app

less than 9 years ago from Google

akaStarWarskid Raise your right hand and place your left on this iPad loaded with the Holy Bible app and repeat after me...

less than 9 years ago from Twitter for iPhone

ipod_touchy Update: Holy Bible (Reference): Holy Bible 4.0.3Category: ReferencePrice: Free, Version: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.3 (iTunes) Desc... http://h9qqg.tk

less than 9 years ago from twitterfeed

ssieloff World HOLY BIBLE for your Mobile – IPhone/IPad/BlackBerry/Android/Palm webOS/Java/Symbian/Mobile Web – FREE: ? .... http://bit.ly/c00tUn

less than 9 years ago from twitterfeed

Drew_Mr_RnR And WTF @BishopEddielong u really use n ipad as a bible....sooo what ur to good for idk the good'ol Holy Bible....ur a fraud #thatisall

less than 9 years ago from ÜberTwitter

iPhrank iPhone Apps Update: Holy Bible HD (Reference): Holy Bible HD 4.0.3Category: ReferencePrice: Free, Version: 4.0.2 ... http://bit.ly/aOuycK

less than 9 years ago from twitterfeed

ddrake09 Yo I'm not a Saint but u can't have an iPhone without the Holy Bible app.

less than 9 years ago from Twitter for iPhone

nusk00ler Holy bible App

less than 9 years ago from Echofon

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