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Developer: ObjecTouch

Released: 04.21.2010

Version: 1.02

Price: $0.99

Download: iTunes



Developer's Description


Program of immediate and simple use for the calculation of second grade equations.

The main features are:

1) Input and output both as fractions and real numbers
2) Calculation of the determinant (fraction and real number)
3) Graphical representation of the solutions
4) Graphic and solutions can be sent immediately by e-mail

Excellent program for students, teachers, scientists and engineers who need an immediate and easy verification of their calculations.

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droidmilltop #Pencil #Wise : An Equation Analysis Test that challenges your mental… http://goo.gl/fb/yZwko #android,#app

less than 9 years ago from Google

shamblesguru iPad + wifi + VPN = confused foursquare ... if you understand my equation then you are a real geek :-) have fun #edtech #edchat

less than 9 years ago from web

ianmoran @simonmcc for music I want iTunes out of the equation so I don't think Apple TV is the answer. Hasn't arrived yet either

less than 9 years ago from Seesmic Desktop

droidmilltop #android , #app PCO2 Equation Calculator: A simple PCO2 Equation Calculator. See PCO2… http://goo.gl/fb/EhQPF

less than 9 years ago from Google

teunblogs Formules invoeren op je iPhone met TeX Equation: Voor wiskundigen of natuurkundigen is het… http://goo.gl/fb/ElWMd

less than 9 years ago from Google

LeftyPoww #wow ok new equation : Psycology,english,healthcare - Math + AndrewGarcia(beautiful singer)& Apple juice = My next 11.5 hours #DEAD

less than 9 years ago from web

willfarr @Tracy_Lenz Yes, between my DX and iPad I have much of the literary world covered. Would rather live among ideas than equation and graphs.

less than 9 years ago from Twitterrific

Kristen_Boschma I used an Apple to solve a tricky differential equation http://twitvid.com/G8GBC

less than 9 years ago from TweetDeck

quentinkrog Winning equation for the day: ( http://bit.ly/bKahX2 ) + ( #AfrihostRelaunch ) = FREE iPHONE 4

less than 9 years ago from HootSuite

Randdddy Funny equation RT @chaseyourlover I think almost all the china man here using the fake china iPhone. Lol.

less than 9 years ago from Twitterrific

deathraceking @ParkerXL @maclark89 I'd say if you take the new Twitter app out of the equation Osfoora is def on top. But the (cont) http://tl.gd/3hdu56

less than 9 years ago from Twitter for iPhone

fpodder @tom_leninger let me know where you end up on the phone. Itunes screws the equation with proprietary compression imho

less than 9 years ago from txt

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