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Developer: Jeremy Jacob

Released: 06.21.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: $1.99

Download: iTunes

Checkbook - Jeremy Jacob



Developer's Description

Checkbook - Jeremy Jacob
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Checkbook replaces your paper checkbook with a quicker, more convenient way to manage your daily finances. Reconcile transactions, save recurring transactions, schedule transactions, and much more! Plus, new features to come in future releases like reports, charts, budgets, and more.


? Export to CSV & QIF
Export your transactions by email to be imported into the desktop application of your choice (for example, Excel, Numbers, Quicken, Money, etc).


? Grouped Checkbooks
Group checkbooks to organize your checkbooks exactly how you want. Balance totals for each group are displayed. Reorder your groups and checkbooks just the way you want.

? Transfer
Transfer funds from one checkbook to another in one operation.

? Check # Field
You can now store check numbers with a transaction. To make life easier, Checkbook will automatically suggest the number for you (by determining the next number in sequence).

? Recurring Transactions
Save a transaction to be used over and over again, without retyping all the details.

? Schedule a Recurring Transaction
Each recurring transaction can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and on the days you choose within the selected time frame.

? Multiple Accounts
Track as many accounts as you want.

? Reconcile!
Reconcile your transactions to see where you stand.

? No performance degradation
Unlike other transaction management apps in App Store, you can add as many transactions as you need, without the fear of performance loss.

? Instant Update to Balances
Any changes made to transactions will automatically update balance and reconciled balance for that account.

? Edit Lock
Transactions are locked to prevent accidental changes. Use Edit mode to make changes to existing transactions.

? Pin Number Security
Checkbook can be secured by a pin number of your choice. And if you forget your password, don't worry! Checkbook will ask you a question that only you know the answer to, and will reset your pin.

? Description, Category, and Memo
All the fields you need to keep track of your transactions.

? Smart Descriptions & Categories
Checkbook will remember your descriptions and categories previously entered. As you type, a list will show you your previous entries to make your new transaction easier to create.

? Transaction Filtering
Only display what you want to see!

? Transaction Detail Popup
Want to see more information about a transaction? Simply press and hold on any transaction, and a popup will display all of its details.

? Currencies
Supports all iPhone-compatible currencies.

Note: Be sure to back up your device through iTunes regularly. You never know!

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dharsi Does anybody have a recommendation for a good #budgeting or checkbook balancing app for iPhones?

less than 9 years ago from web

PhoneHelpInfo Checkbook HD 2.0 iPhone and iPod touch

less than 9 years ago from LinksAlpha

Scottor Just balanced the checkbook (using MoneyWell). I have enough left to buy an iPhone app... well maybe not.

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terrybean RT @mobatech: Mobile Checkbook nominated for a @CrackBerry App Award for Best Finance App and we need your help to win! Vote here:

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GlitchTech Wow, just saw a wild Checkbook user. Completely random person in front of me in class was using my app.

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mobatech Mobile Checkbook was nominated for a @CrackBerry App Award for Best Finance App- we need your help to win! Vote here:

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