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Developer: CocoaTek

Released: 09.25.2009

Version: 1.02

Price: $0.99

Download: iTunes

Camera Flash™ - CocoaTek



Developer's Description

Camera Flash™ - CocoaTek

New 1.2 version has been submitted to Apple!
- Add email function;
- Add iPad Touch support; (1.0 doesn't support iPad Touch)
- Reduce memory usage;
- Fix bugs, more stable;

iPhone users may get problems of taking photos under low light, back light, night because the photo is under exposure that all pictures are totally dark and can’t tell the detail.

The root issue is iPhone didn’t have flash light built-in.

Now, we offer a application utility for you to having a soft Flash light inside iPhone Camera. “Camera Flash” can give more light to your photos or when taking photos.

By our Cutting Edge technology – “Soft iPhone Flash light”, it will add more light to the dark part but keep the same as the light part, and make the balance of your light and colors.

Key Features:
- Support unlimited Flash light source adjustment
- Support add Flash to existing photo loading from iPhone Photo Album
- Extreme fast speed preview and save
- No crash when dealing with 2MP or 3MP photos
- Output Size is 2M Pixel (3M Pixel at iPhone 3GS)


Image Quality:
- The competitors only adjust the brightness which may make your photo out of exposure.
+ We simulate the Flash source, contrast and detail is preserved or enhanced both in dark and bright areas and true color is preserved.

Application Quality:
- The competitors always crash application or reboot your iPhone because they can’t handle memory management when dealing with 2MP or 3MP photo. So every time, you have to reboot your system before using that kind of camera application.
+ We have a memory protection engine which can prevent application crash and system rebooting even dealing with high resolution images. Our application quality is much better than others.

High Performance:
- The competitors need at least 10 seconds to process image and save to iPhone.
+ We only need 2 seconds for image processing and saving by optimizing code for ARM platform

Feel free to contact us for any feedback and suggestion.
Our support email is:

© 2009 CocoaTek

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