aSleep 3


Category: Healthcare & Fitness

Tags: Healthcare & Fitness

Developer: Signs Studios

Released: 04.13.2010

Version: 1.02

Price: $0.99

Download: iTunes

aSleep 3 - Signs Studios



Developer's Description

aSleep 3 - Signs Studios
aSleep 3, the complete solution for your resting time: Sleep sound + Timer + Chromotherapy + Night Clock + Snore Monitor/Killer + Alarm + Weather

aSleep 3 let you relax watching chromotherapy and falling asleep listening marvelous sounds of nature, then turns into an Alarm Clock with Snores detector and finally shows current Weather conditions.

aSleep is also suitable for meditation, yoga, to release the stress and so on.

• 47 high quality stereo sounds
• Sound Volume
• Sound Speed
• Sound Manager
• Sound Bookmarks
• Shake to select
• Mix Manager (unlimited number of mix)
• Mixer
• Random mix
• Timer
• Alarm Clock
• 56 Alarms
• Snooze
• Night Clock (portrait and landscape)
• Customizable Clock color
• Energy Save
• Flashlight
• Chromotherapy
• 4 Chromotherapy standard programs
• Custom Chromotherapy Manager (unlimited number of therapies)
• Color Mixer
• Snore Monitor
• Snore Killer
• Data session recorder
• Session archive
• Snore chart
• Weather
• Advanced setup
• Auto saving settings
• Built-in mail to support
• Built-in instructions for use

aSleep. The best way to fall asleep.

Sound Library List

NATURE: Beach - Forest - Tundra - Night Camp - Rain - Rain with Thunder - Volcano Erupting - Water Drops - Waterfall - Wind.

LIFE: Bubbles - Ferry Fog Horn - Heart Beat - Helicopter - Scuba Breathing - Shower - Tennis.

NOISE: Computer - Synth Firefly - Hypnosis - Old Clock - Sine - White Noise - Keyboard Typing - Vinyl.

INSTRUMENTS: Bassline - Didjeridoo - Exotic Sarod - Guitar - Organ - Rhodes - Strings - Upbeat Piano.

SOUNDS: Borealis - Contemplative 1 - Contemplative 2 - Meditation 1 - Meditation 2 - Meditation 3 - Movie - Relax 1 - Relax 2 - Voices.

If you got no sound, it's not aSleep 3 the problem, do the steps described here:

© Signs Studios

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edwardlsc Omg I fell asleep 3 times whilst holding the iPhone and reading and I dropped it onto my face 3 times.. Ok I should go n sleep. Nights! Zzz

less than 9 years ago from TwitBird

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