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301+ Short Stories - 288 Vroom LLC.



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301+ Short Stories - 288 Vroom LLC.
Featured in ‘What’s Hot’ in the iTunes AppStore

***OS 3.0 or greater required

CURRENTLY 307 STORIES BY 89 AUTHORS (with more on the way)

- Adventure
- Humor
- Ghost Stories
- Horrors
- Mystery
- Westerns
- Fantasy
- Romance and Love
- Sketches of Life
- And More

Why Short Stories? Unlike lengthy novels on the iPhone, Short Stories are quick, easy, and entertaining reading for on the go or anytime. Sit back and unwind to a selection of over 300 (and growing) of some of the greatest short stories of all time right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Extensive and expanding library
- MULTI-GENRE library
- Easy to use and eye-catching interface
- Adjustable story text size
- 2 scrolling modes – Continuous and Page by Page
- Automatically bookmarks each story as needed
- ALL future updates, including story additions, are included with initial purchase

Here’s just a sample of some of the authors and their stories:

-Louisa May Alcott (Debby’s Debut, A Modern Cinderella)
-T.S. Arthur (After A Shadow, An Angel In Disguise, A Mystery Explained)
-Honore De Balzac (A Street Of Paris And Its Inhabitant, The King’s Sweetheart, Z. Marcas)
-Robert Barr (The Man Who Was Not On The Passenger List, My Stowaway, The Terrible Experience Of Plodkins, and more)
-L. Frank Baum (The Capture Of Father Time, The Enchanted Types, The Girl Who Owned A Bear, The King Of The Polar Bears)
-Emilia Pardo-Bazan (First Love)
-Ambrose Bierce (The Boarded Window, A Bottomless Grave, A Horseman In The Sky, and more)
-Anton Chekhov (About Love, The Bet, In Exile, The Lottery Ticket, The Witch, and more)
-Kate Chopin (A Pair Of Silk Stockings, Beyond The Bayou, The Kiss)
-Joseph Conrad (Amy Foster, The Secret Sharer)
-Daniel Defoe (The Apparition Of Mrs. Veal, Atlantis Major)
-Charles Dickens (The Holly-Tree-Three Branches, The Seven Poor Travellers, To Be Read At Dusk)
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (A Cabman’s Story, A Case Of Identity, The Man From Archangel, The Red-Headed League, A Scandal In Bohemia)
-Edna Ferber (The Man Who Came Back, That Home-Town Feeling, What She Wore, and more)
-H. Rider Haggar (Hunter Quartermain’s Story, Long Odds, Only A Dream, and more)
-Thomas Hardy (The Grave By The Handpost)
-Nathaniel Hawthorne (David Swan, The Gray Champion, The Hollow Of Three Hills, The Seven Vagabonds, The Threefold Destiny, and more)
-Washington Irving (The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, and more)
-James Joyce (After The Race, The Boarding House, The Dead, An Encounter, Grace, A Little Cloud, A Mother, and more)
-Franz Kafka (Metamorphosis)
-Jack London (An Adventure In The Upper Sea, The Banks Of Sacramento, That Dead Men Rise Up Never, To Repel Boarders, and more)
-Guy De Maupassant (The Confession, A Ghost, The Man With Pale Eyes, and more)
-O. Henry (The Gift Of The Magi, The Roads We Take, The Whirligig Of Life, The World And The Door, and more)
-Edgar Allen Poe (The Angel Of Odd, The Black Cat, The Domain Of Arnheim, The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Landor’s Cottage, The Sphinx, A Tale Of The Ragged Mountains, The Tell-Tale Heart, and more)
-Robert Louis Stevenson (A Lodging For The Night, The Sea Fogs, and more)
-Bram Stoker (A Dream Of Red Hands, Dracula’s Guest, The Gipsy Prophecy, The Secret Of Growing Gold, and more)
-Mark Twain (The Californian’s Tale, The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County, A Curios Dream, A Dog’s Tale, A Ghost Story, and more)
-H.G. Wells (The Cone, The Door In The Wall, A Dream Of Armageddon, A Moonlight Fable, and more)
-Oscar Wilde (The Devoted Friend, The Nightingale And The Rose, The Remarkable Rocket, The Selfish Giant, The Sphinx Without A Secret, and more)
-Virginia Woolf (A Society, The Mark On The Wall, Monday Or Tuesday, and more)

Those are just a few of the authors and stories. There are currently a total of 307 GREAT STORIES BY 89 MASTERS OF THE CRAFT with more stories on their way.

© 2009 288 Vroom LLC

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